Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blog hop: Musa books I love

From February 16-19, Musa authors are talking about the Musa books they love to help you find books you'll love.

I found it impossible to choose only one Musa book to chat up, so I picked three instead. These three books have one major thing in common: they opened the door to new-to-me genres (historical romance and same-sex romance). I love it when that happens.

CIVILIZING FRANCES by Marguerite Butler

Civilizing Frances is Book 3 in the very heartwarming, very funny Mad Hatterly series. Frances appears briefly in Book 2, and I couldn't wait for her to get her own story. Thanks to growing up with five brothers, Frances is wild, smart-mouthed, and yes, uncivilized. When she's compromised (quite hilariously) by the haughty Duke of Ainsley, she vows to be as obnoxious as possible to drive him away. Favorite scene: the "I Never" game with the other debutantes and the Duke's stolen booze.


Playing With Fire is Book 2 in the addictive McKenzie Series. If you like historical romances with a dark, moody edge, this series is for you. Heather Morgan finds herself at a mistress auction, ready to be sold to the highest bidder to pay her father's gambling debts. On impulse, Drew McKenzie rescues her, but he didn't expect to fall in love. When Drew's family learns of Heather's scandalous past, Drew is forced to choose between love and family honor.


BINSIDLY (it's easier to type the acronym instead of the full title!) is a charming gay romantic comedy set in London. This is the first same-sex romance I've ever read, and now I'm hooked. Callum's married, but his flirtatious relationship with his co-worker Brian confirms he should've come out years ago. When Callum finally embraces his true identity, he falls for Simon and wonders how it will affect his relationship with Brian. Brian tells Callum it's okay for him to date other people, but what does Callum owe the man who's been there for him from the start?

Of course, I have to briefly mention my own books as well *coughobligatoryself-promotioncough*. HARD BARGAIN is a spicy summer romance with hot cars and an even hotter man. AN IMPERFECT WIFE is a women's fiction novella about a young marriage tested by a husband's ambition and a wife's loneliness. Blurbs and buy links are here. I hope you check them out. You can find more Musa authors and books by clicking on the Blog Hop icon at the top of this post or clicking here.

Are there any Musa books that pique your interest? Share your thoughts in the comments before midnight EST on February 19 for a chance to win a copy of either HARD BARGAIN or AN IMPERFECT WIFE (your choice) and two signed romance trading cards!

Edited to add: If you are a winner, you can also choose to get a copy of my next novella, NEVER LET GO, which will be available April 13. NEVER LET GO shows what happens when clinging to a lost love skirts the line between devotion and obsession. Thank you to everyone who's commented so far!