Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't buy my book. Buy my friends' books.

Don't buy my book. Yes, you read that correctly: do NOT buy my book.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm no longer promoting HARD BARGAIN, and I removed all Buy links from my blog. The reason? I won't be paid. I'm one of the many Aspen Mountain Press authors who are not being paid, whose e-mails and letters are being ignored, whose contracts are being breached, and whose books are caught in limbo. AMP hasn't assigned me an editor for Book 2 even though the final editorial deadline is one week away, which essentially means Book 2 won't be released at all. AMP hasn't released a new book or even updated its website since mid-August. You can read more about AMP's growing problems here.

So please, do NOT buy HARD BARGAIN. I won't see a dime from it. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'll get the rights back so I can re-publish it elsewhere. Once that happens, I'll let you know right away, and I'll also get Books 2 and 3 in the series ready to go. Please send good luck vibes my way!

In much better news, Musa Publishing launches October 1! I'm very excited about Musa, and not only because I have a book coming out with them November 25 (shameless self-promotion there). They have a fantastic lineup of authors, both new and seasoned, and they're committed to providing a satisfying reader experience with every story. As they say in the About Us section of their site, "The story comes first."

Get your e-readers and credit cards ready!