Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 5th Anniversary, Aspen Mountain Press!

It's AMP's fifth anniversary, and we're having a party! If you're stopping by from fellow AMP author Viki Lyn's blog, or from anywhere else for that matter, welcome. We're celebrating with virtual champagne, a Kindle giveaway, other great freebies, and lots of dancing!

I'm thrilled to promote my debut book HARD BARGAIN, which is the first in my Dream Cruise Desires series. HARD BARGAIN is about Jenna and Brad, two headstrong attorneys on opposite sides of a law firm merger. They discover fighting over business doesn't stop them from merging in a much more personal way.

Shameless promo alert: here's the cover. Isn't it lovely?


Much of the story takes place in the Detroit suburbs, which I'm proud to call home. Around here, people cruise Woodward Avenue all summer to show off their beautifully restored classic cars. People also park their cars along Woodward, pop the hood, and hang out in lawn chairs to talk cars with other enthusiasts. On really busy days, it's like one big outdoor car museum. Even though Dream Cruise is officially on the third Saturday in August, the cars start appearing when the weather gets nice. Michigan summers are far too short, so we enjoy them while we can.

Oh, I mentioned freebies! If you comment on any blog in the AMP tour between August 1 and August 7, you'll be entered to win a shiny new Kindle. How cool is that? Contest rules are here. Also, I'm giving away one copy of HARD BARGAIN to a randomly chosen commenter on my own blog. Feel free to say hello, tell me about yourself, or share your favorite car-related story (keep it PG, please -- it's a family show. :D).

Next stop on the AMP anniversary pub crawl blog tour: Andy Dunn's place. His debut book BUT I NEVER SAID I DIDN'T LOVE YOU, is a charming gay romantic comedy and the first m/m romance I ever read. I highly recommend checking it out.

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